General Information

Opened in 1999, Frenotec LLC, a small motorcycle distribution company eventually grew into the nation’s largest distributor of Brembo motorcycle brake components as well as became the exclusive importer and distributor of high quality Italian Fren Tubo Kevlar and Stainless Steel brake lines and Performance Friction Carbon Brake Pads, and since 2005 USAG Tools and most recently STM Italy.

The USAG brand was established in 1926, when entrepreneur Hermann Amos built the first manufacturing plant in Gemonio, Italy under the name UTENSILERIA SOCIETÀ ANONIMA GEMONIO. USAG began to manufacture and operate in the professional tools sector alongside other small firms in Italy. In 1991 USAG became part of the French Group Facom Tools S.A., then of the American Group, The Stanley Works and, by March 2010, of the Multi-National Group Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

Nevertheless, the strong position of USAG in the market has allowed it to keep the USAG identity, its brand and autonomy.   USAG Tools remains today as Italy’s most prestigious tool manufacture. U SAG tools are synonomous with Ducati, Aprilia, Formula One, and combine its ergonomics with fine Italian craftsmanship and durability. All USAG tools purchased from Frenotec LLC have a lifetime warranty

STM Italy Clutches and Accessories

Frenotec LLC added STM in 2013 to offer a more technical distribution of the STM product line.  Frenotec LLC revised the U.S. Pricing structure to offer lower retail pricing while maintaining generous profit margins for dealers and resellers.  STM was founded in 1981 and since the starting it designed and produced robotic components and measuring instruments. The experience in the two-wheel industry began in the ‘90s, at first designing and producing high quality components for bicycles then for motorbikes. This strategic decision marked the first big change in STM brand  history.

The second big change follows some years later when STM’s R&D comes up with the conception and development of the first STM slipper clutch prototype. STM’s slipper clutch represents a huge change in motorcycle technique and this innovative product ensures the company worldwide success. Thanks to the competence and lengthy experience gained designing and machining high quality components, the company quickly became the LEADER in the performance CLUTCH market segment. The slipper clutch era had begun.

The first STM slipper clutch prototypes were originally developed and tested with the Official Ducati World SBK team. These prototypes soon contributed to the victory of two World SBK Championships. Development and tests carried out in the following years allowed STM to extend such technology to wet clutches. In 2003 the “Evoluzione” slipper clutch technology was applied to wet clutch systems on Japanese motorcycles, widely broadening its range of applications.

At this point STM’s involvement in competitions intensifies considerably and is crowned with extraordinary successes in the various motorcycle competitions. Cooperation with top Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki teams that compete in sport production competitions allow STM to gain experience and improve its product. In the same year STM debuted in Motocross and Supermotard meeting with unanimous approval and contributing to the victory in many races.

Today STM offers a particularly broad range of products which are constantly being tested and improved in order to satisfy the requirements of a growing number of riders. Developed and tested in cooperation with top teams, all STM components are designed with the latest technologies and manufactured with the most advanced CNC machinery.

STM “Evoluzione” clutches stand out for their technologic and highly innovative design: shaped by their own function to essential lines, they are precious objects, a state of the art expression of Italian design.